Animal Tracks

Can you guess the animal that owns each track? (move the mouse over to check)

Note: Tracks are not relatively sized - big and small animal tracks may show the same size.

Antelope Beaver Caribou Domestic Cat Elk Fisher Grey Squirrel Wolverine Woodchuck Jack Rabbit Kit Fox Lynx Marmot Marten Opossum Porcupine Pig Racoon Skunk Turkey Bobcat Wild Boar Whitetail Deer Mule Deer Mink Moose Armadillo Black Bear Cougar Prarie Dog Muskrat Ferret Grey Wolf Mongrel Dog Coyote Ocelot Badger Red Squirrel Mountain Sheep Agouti Otter Peccary Pheasant Red Fox Muskox Paca Kinkajou Bison Mouse Polar Bear Mountain Goat

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